Anarchapulco 2016 has ended
Anarchapulco is the world’s first and largest international anarcho-capitalist (ancap) conference. held yearly in acapulco, ancaps from around the world gravitate to mexico for three days of speeches, presentations, panels, debates, musical acts, parties and networking with the intention of creating a freer world and 7 billion governments on earth.
Peace. Love. Anarchy.
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Lauren Rumpler

Objectivist Girl
New Hampshire
Hi, my name is Lauren Rumpler, aka Objectivist Girl. I grew up in West Chester, Ohio and attended Ball State University for college. I began by studying Public Relations. In my second year (first semester), feeling dissatisfied with my relationship with other people, I spoke to a Journalism professor and he recommended that I read “Anthem.” This started a life-long journey for me. I realized that my relationship with others was negative because of my perspective of myself. I thought of others before myself and they took advantage. Ayn Rand gave me the courage to be who I was and be proud of it.The following semester I switched my major to Political Science and took Philosophy courses. Throughout this journey I discovered three things. One was that public education fails on all levels. I am not proud of how little I learned in my five years at school. Two was that I love debate. I joined the debate team and began arguing about anything and everything. I appreciate formal style so I will be teaching it on this site. Three was that there is a proper way to read and teach Ayn Rand’s philosophy and I was passionate about doing that so I started the an Objectivist Club at my school. Through that organization I inspired Millennials to take their future into their own hands through rational self-interest and passion. I want to continue doing that. So I started this website in the hopes that it will reach the people who need it most.After I graduated in May 2013, I went to a conference for IHS and met a friend who told me to apply for a scholarship to the Atlas Summit hosted by The Atlas Society (TAS). I went there to find contacts to start my own Communications Consulting firm, but I instead moved out to New Hampshire to be a part of the Free State Project. I met Aaron Day, Chief Executive Officer at The Atlas Society (Facebook) at the Summit and reconnected with him in New Hampshire. He has encouraged me in my hopes to create Objectivist Girl.It is my dream and my passion to teach Objectivism. In my time running my student group I found more joy than I could possibly describe. I hope I will hear from all of you about your journey and this site’s impact on it. Thank you for wanting to learn and grow. That is how to world becomes more rational.“Knowledge is not for all men, but for those who seek it.” -Ayn Rand