Anarchapulco 2016 has ended
Anarchapulco is the world’s first and largest international anarcho-capitalist (ancap) conference. held yearly in acapulco, ancaps from around the world gravitate to mexico for three days of speeches, presentations, panels, debates, musical acts, parties and networking with the intention of creating a freer world and 7 billion governments on earth.
Peace. Love. Anarchy.
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Steve Moloney

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Individual Man
I, like any sentient being which I have ever observed, have always valued individual freedom. In the same way that other forms of life do not wish to be contained or restrained by forces which do not promote self interest, I have always seen the tendency of someone to arbitrarily lord over others to be morally abhorrent. Thus, and with the help of the trailblazers before me, I have ended up on this path of choosing freedom as a precept for my life. This precept now forms the backdrop of what I would call a background of how I live my life and from there all of my interests grow. I will say though, that such a life is not for the faint-hearted, nor do I always feel up to it. Such a life is one based on a principled conscience and I have long observed that those who truly live their consciences, often end up in jails, at the receiving ends of gun barrels and even on crucifixion crosses. But, to me, at this stage of life, where my mortality has never been so real, there is no other way to live my life. How I think now, is more black and white than it has ever been... either we get along voluntarily or we live in terrorist/violent relationships. Now, in my present state of mind and heart, I now choose the voluntary route. I implore you to join with me on this journey; our quality of life cries out for it, our happiness rejoices in it, and one could make the case that our survival as a species in the long run depends on it. May we lay down our weapons, of matter and of word, and see each other as brothers and sisters within this miracle we call the human experience?


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Sunday, February 21

15:40 PST